Powerful Women

by Wild Angel

If you’ve ever felt under appreciated at work as a woman, you shouldn’t. Women are becoming more and more common in work environments and even have unique skills that will help them succeed even in a male-dominated vocation.  Becoming Aware of the natural self empowering techniques for women, that women already hold, can be extremely powerful.

Women posses inborn talents, but can feel as if their abilities are not related to the work environment. This is false. It is accurate that women, no different from men, still need to master concrete and technical business skills in order to be successful, but in terms of climbing the corporate ladder, they have distinctive skills that corporations  value. Just by tapping into these abilities, women can empower themselves to have all they wish for.

We can start with communication, a ability that is crucialskillsessential to success. Women are inherent conversationalists. Have you ever observed how a mother always seems to naturally know how crucial it is to speak and interrelate with her kids, using fitting language and sentence-construction that a kid can comprehend. This same ability, adjusted slightly, functions fantastically  in a business environment. For example, a woman who finds herself supervising other people mustbe able to communicate with each person one on one in a way that each person can understand.

Helen Fisher,  writer of The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World, refers to this as a flair for speech. Fisher illustrates the rising  need for the skill to converse with written and spoken language. To quote her, “At talking, women have the edge.” Fisher explains the way in which the female gender, even at very young ages “excel at… verbal fluency – rapidly finding appropriate words, phrases or sentences.” Fisher continues “Women are, on average, more articulate at saying what they say.” Women, embracing this information and trusting their natural language ability in communication will encounter their self-esteem climbing.

In terms of instructing or coaching, women also have more ability. The nurturing characteristics that come more easily to women make it possible for women to help children learn and mature. The right blend of encouragement, discipline, freedom and restrictions will produce a child whose confidence and abilities are very grown up and continue to exceed that of other kids. When this sort of circumstance is applied to the business world, a woman will do the similarly for employees.

Once more, Helen Fisher’s research as documented in The First Sex posist, “Women are, on average, more interested in cooperation, harmony, and connections – a network of support.” She further writes, “Women characteristically believe everyone can succeed in business; they take a win-win attitude in the office world.”

Many women are also able multi-tasking or multi-focusing. managing people, reports, due dates and all the essential resources becomes necessary to the achievement of the teams’ results.

Helen Fisher references people’s progress, even back to ancient times, a woman had to rear helpless and long-dependent offspring under very unsafe conditions displaying the need for multitasking even back then. I love her description: “In order to rear helpless infants, ancestral mothers needed to do a lot of things at the same time. Watch for snakes. Listen for thunder. Taste for poison. Rock the sleepy. Distract the cranky. Instruct the curious. Soothe the fearful. Inspire the tardy. Feed the hungry. Mothers had to do countless daily chores while they stoked the fire, cooked the food and talked to friends.”

Of course, not every woman has the ability to mother and not every woman is the same, but all women have the skill to identify the skills they possess and use them for personal and professional empowerment. Women should be just as skilled at professional leadership as men. If figuring out what makes you a successful woman interests you, make a catalog of all your personal attributes – those natural skills and empower yourself to soar to new levels of achievement.
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